Leibniz in his work “Principles de la nature et de la grace’’ formulates the most primordial question of metaphysics: “Why does there exist something but not nothing?” This question is connected to the “principle of sufficient reason” and urges to the search for a cause or a foundation that affirms the existence of beings. This search ends to the highest being: God. Heidegger separates nothing / zero from beings, the Being emerges from this difference between zero and beings. This difference reminds to the man his mortality and because of that it constitutes the cause of the existential angst. In that sense, the question “Why does there exist something but not nothing” cannot be answered, it remains in air and reminds the man that he lives permanently on the brink of the abyss (zero).

Let’s move from the metaphysical question to the epistemological question that interest’s cosmology. Why does there exist the universe and not the chaos? The question seems unanswered. However, the answer may be simple: there exists “something” but not nothing, because “something” is simpler than nothing. If there did not exist anything, then nothing would be something that would be nothing. However, since nothing is not anything, this is the reason why something that is nothing is definitely something undefined, that is nothing.

As a consequence, the universe has to be something; the infinite chaos that has been zeroed and the product is 1. Namely: ∞ Χ 0 = 1 [“time”], which means that we count number one from the moment that the multiplication of the chaos with the zero produces basically the detachment of the infinite from the zero and equals 2 (duplication: chaos – zero). Each time the distance between chaos and zero is duplicated, we add one more “time” and we have 2. Namely, we are talking technically about a logarithmic scale instead of a “Linear” traditional scale.

Finally, the universe is nothing more but a continuous and uninterrupted logarithmic multiplier of the first two factors, chaos and zero. The appearance of the universe marks the onset of light which results from the operative Darkness – the Dark Energy. Light and darkness are nothing more than the two sides of the same coin: The Primary Unit (1), which has no beginning, since it arises as a product of infinity and zero (=chaos). It has to be reminded that in Cosmogony of Hesiod it is mentioned that the world as formatted matter, was created from Chaos (abyss), from nothing, blank, zero. The world, that is, was created from the undefined, the unformed, that which can transform into anything.