You’re visitor

When the birds take back their language,
when the trees unloose their tenderly hands from around you,
when the air doesn’t breathe and the seas are tearing,
when the flowers whisper: No, you own nothing,
then remember: You’re visitor, honoring the hospitality.

Our existence has no end

We live eternal amid the moment,
we live in the whispers through the heavens,
we live in particles of sunlight,
we live in every dimension of time and in every direction of space,
our existence has no end.

We are made of heaven

We are made of heaven,
risen from the tears of fallen stars
and from the songs of silence.
We met on the flying rock
and remembered that our hearts
were beating at the same ryhthm,
twin stars of different births.

Where is the magic?

Where is the magic?
We all start out knowing magic.
We are born with hurricanes and whirlwinds,
oceans and galaxies inside us.
We are able to sing to birds
and read the clouds and see the destiny in grains of sand.
But we have forgotten the magic and we feel without compass,
alone and desperately, only selfishness, only pain, fear and darkness.
But, magic of love has never disappeared from the life,
the love hold the life.

i will find you

i will find you in the shadow of words,
in the hidden signs of silent moments,
in the eloquence of your eyes,
in a tingling in the spine, in a trembling in the voice,
in a distant memory,
be there…..

We need a sacred tear

And one day, the sun stopped,
the rain stopped falling,
the flowers didn’t look high,
the sky emptied of stars,
then a tear dripped from the heart and became our breath.
We need a sacred tear,
before the fall.

You are a cosmic collection

Don’t say I’m insignificant in the infinite,
don’t say i’m alone in life,
you are a cosmic collection
that dances harmoniously.
You coexist with all beings,
visible and invisible together,
you are bound from the energy of the universe itself.

I love a flower

I love a flower,
i stretch my hand and touch his soft leaves
and it sends me a sweet smell.
it’s a tacit love,
in the sense of wonder we found in each other,
secret signals from another life
that bring poetry to my heart.


You came into this world
With enough light to find
Your way out of the dark,
Enough kindness to save a soul,
Enough love to shift a planet.
Don’t worry, you are enquipped
with all you could ever need.
Look with in,
you are drenched in magic.


She’s real and dreamy,
She’s logical and mystical.
She’s sensitive and distant,
a warrior and lover.
She’s fearless and gentle,
wondrous and brave.
She lives in waterfalls and forests,
and sunsets and galaxies,
and dancing with the universe.
She’s believes in oneness.


You were born
With dreams and ideals,
You were born
With love and trust,
You were born
with potential and greatness.
You were born with wings.
Don’t forget the gift.
Don’t give up the miracle.
Appreciate the life.


I dream that one day
we will look at each other
In the same way
we look at the sun,
and we will touch
each other like the sun on earth,
and the blessings of light
Will flow into our hearts.


Our heart is so small,
almost invisible,
It’s a blessing from the light,
a touch of the stardust,
a necessary coincidence,
a whisper of the infinite.
Let’s give her a chance.
One life, just one.
Breathe free.


Let yourself
remember and visualize the ways
you have hurt others.
See the pain you
have caused out
of your own fear,
pain, anger, confusion.
Feel your own
sorrow and regret.
Sense that finally
you can release this
Burden and ask for forgiveness.


Understand that
you own nothing,
everything that
surrounds you
Is temporary, only
the love in your heart
Will last forever.


Child is the heart of human.
Listen when they speak,
treat them kindly.
Comfort them when they cry.
Teach them devotedly.
Correct them compassionately.
Love them unconditionally.
Child is the defeat of death.


I choose
To live by choice, not by chance,
To be motivated, not manipulated,
To be useful, not used,
To make changes, not excuses,
To excel, not compete.
I choose to listen to my inner voice,
Not to the random opinions of others.


Start now.
Start where you are.
Start with pain.
Start with fair.
Start with doubt.
Start with voice trembling.
Start where you are, with what you have.
Just Start..


In a world
Full of fear, be courageous.
In a world
Where few care, be compassionate.
In a world
Full of lies, be honest.
In a world
full of phonies, be yourself.
The world
Hopes for you
And can be better because of you.


Hate no one,
no matter how much they’ve wronged you.
Live humbly,
No matter how wealthy you become.
Think positively,
No matter how much life is.
Give much,
Even if you’ve been given little.
Forgive all,
And never stop praying for the best
For everyone.